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Meadow Green
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Note: Due to the inherent variability in the color of natural slate, the actual color of your TruSlate® roof will vary from the photos depicted.
TruSlate Slate Color GreyStone

Meadow Green is a slate
with a variety of light and dark green tones along with some grey shading, similar
to that of a rolling meadow.


Meadow Green is used
both on its own or blended with other complementary colors. Traditionally,
Meadow Green is often paired with Antique Purple.




TruSlate Slate Color GreyStone'

"One of the greatest benefits for the homeowner is to be able to custom-blend colors"

IMPORTANT: TruSlate® Slates are crafted from natural stone, so there may be variations in color between different slates. In addition, slate can fade or weather over time and each slate may fade or weather slightly differently, creating a natural mix of colors.


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