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TruSlate® Colors

 Four Core Colors (Four accent Colors further down below.)
Four Accent Colors
TruSlate Slate Accent Colors
Your Color
Color Variation And
Natural Weathering.

The TruSlate® Americana Slate Collection features five traditional colors from America’s most famous New England quarries, which are known worldwide for their proven products and excellent quality control. These domestically quarried slates have been installed for over a century on the finest properties across North America. And now, by incorporating them into the TruSlate® System, we’ve made them an affordable option for just about everyone.


The International Slate Collection features the same quality as our Americana Slate Collection. Each slate is classified Grade S1— the highest slate-quality grade in the industry—so you can be assured of long-lasting performance from your new TruSlate® roof.

Please remember that slate is a completely natural material. As a result, there can be a fairly significant color variation in individual slates or from one lot of slates to another. So the slate you receive will vary from the pictures shown on this websites.


In addition to natural variation, exposure to weather causes all slate to change slightly in color and in composition over time. The degree of color change varies with different slates.


It is this variation in color, combined with natural weathering, that adds to slate’s beauty, character, and charm.

So which route do you choose:
pure color or mixed colors?

The choice is largely based on personal taste. Start by looking through the photographs on this website. They include houses with Core Colors only as well as some of the most popular blends. Your TruSlate® roofing contractor can also provide you with miniature slate samples to experiment with—so you can try your own color combinations in the comfort of your home.

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